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Boundaries for Peace

A community of women gaining clarity, building confidence, and learning boundaries.

This is for women who...

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Boundaries & Calendars

For Busy Working Women

A community of women learning to stop feeling so busy and start loving their calendars.

This is for women who...

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Mary Brown Boundaries Coach


In this course...

You'll learn the three tried and true steps to set and uphold boundaries:

Work-Life Boundaries.

Are you too busy?  Stop looking for that elusive work-life balance and start overcoming busyness with this guide to work-life boundaries.

Private Coaching

I provide one on one coaching to help each client overcome her individual challenges and reach her personal goals. Within 3-6 months, we increase confidence, improve self-worth, establish boundaries, and achieve desired results.

Through convenient video conferencing, I can coach anyone with access to a computer, tablet, or phone. 

I would love to help you become more confident, intentional, and empowered.

I am currently offering complementary coaching consultations. During this free call, we can meet each other, talk about where you are at and where you want to be, and try on some coaching. Sign up now! I promise it will be worth it for you 🙂

Boundaries are my favorite thing to talk about!

I love to facilitate workshops and participate in panel discussions to provide teaching and tools about healthy boundaries.

Some topics I speak on:
  • How to Say NO and Feel Good About It
  • How to Overcome Busyness and Learn to Love your Calendar
  • How to Have a Healthy Relationship with a Toxic Person
  • Work Life Balance is BS: What you really need is Work Life Boundaries
  • Real Self-Care: It’s All About Connection
How to get in touch
Email me through the contact page or schedule a check in call through the scheduler to discuss how I may be able to help your group.

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How are boundaries affecting your everyday life?

Take my quick and fun Boundaries Quiz to discover your strengths, challenges, and next steps.