My leadership journey probably began like yours: family relationships, sports teams, student council, and community service.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by what makes people tick. My quest to understand human behavior and motivation guided my study of psychology and sociology at Emory University.

During college, leadership looked like creating a safe and inclusive culture as the resident advisor through the doors of my dorm. I built connection and community through individualized decorations on their bedroom doors, words of encouragement on our bathroom doors, and the policy of my open door.

My degree in Psychology laid the foundation of Emotional Intelligence and leadership development for the rest of my career.

A few years into my career I became a manager, which brought its own set of challenges.

On my team of 20, I inherited many resistant to change, a few with performance problems, and one who fully believed they should have been promoted instead of me.

Exemplifying a growth mindset and giving solution focused supervision enabled me to manage through the change.

I got to practice having crucial conversations and making critical decisions. Engaging my team and developing high potential leaders remained my priority.

As a result, my team became top performers and several advanced their careers.

Mary Brown Boundaries Coach

Unfortunately, my management experience also taught me about the impact of turnover.

It is expensive and exhausting!

To address this problem, we hired coaches and watched retention rates improve. 

Having witnessed the positive impact of coaching, I decided to become a leadership coach myself!

As a certified executive coach, I am passionate about developing and retaining high performing and emotionally intelligent leaders!

I love to work with leaders on key topics, such as, confident decision making, difficult conversations, and work life balance. 

I help companies with employee engagement, priority management, and strategic planning.