Executive Coaching to Retain Top Talent and Develop Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

"The goal is not just to retain employees. It is to develop leaders who choose to stay committed to company goals."

Mary Brown

Lead With Confidence

Embrace your role as a leader with clear decision making and strategic execution.

Master Difficult Conversations

Learn easy ways to have hard conversations.

Exemplify Work Life Balance

Manage priorities and hone delegation skills to enjoy your professional and personal life.

You don't have to go it alone.

As leaders, we carry the heavy load of responsibility for company outcomes, team performance, and people leadership. 

Executive coaching is the vehicle for the professional development of the most impactful leaders. With the partnership of a skilled executive coach, leadership challenges are solved with confidence, insight, and meaningful execution.

Meet Mary Brown

ICF Professional Certified Coach

I have coached 500+ leaders to engage their teams, manage priorities, and achieve measurable results.

As the founder and CEO of my own company, I created coaching programs and developed a successful business. 

I understand the heavy responsibility of developing leaders while carrying the outcomes of the company. 

Leadership coaching provides a shared responsibility of developing talent to retain high performers so executives can focus on company goals.  

"I highly recommend Mary as an executive coach! She is a natural trusted leader. What sets Mary apart from other coaches that I have trained is her ability to be warmly present and her skilled coaching techniques. She brings a calm and humorous demeanor that uplifts and motivates those around her."

-Daiana Stoicescu, MCC by ICF

"After experiencing the results of Mary's coaching for myself, I hired her to coach my team of employees. Individual coaching helped me to make clear and confident decisions, have difficult conversations with ease, and improve my work life balance."

"Team coaching fostered a growth mindset and culture of psychological safety. My only wish would be to have Mary on staff for ongoing coaching! If you are looking for a coach for yourself, for your team, or both, I highly recommend Mary!"

-Marissa Orchard

"Mary is an amazing coach. No joke. She helped me talk through a difficult conversation and it was so incredibly helpful. I have also enjoyed her leadership in our mastermind. She is so good at keeping the boundaries of the group all while offering grace when needed. She's an amazing leader and asks thoughtful questions to help people come to their own conclusions."

-Elaine Turso

"Mary Brown is an intuitive, insightful, and extremely skilled coach. She is kind, gentle, funny, and firm. She holds you accountable and makes you feel like things are easy. It is without question that I would recommend coach Mary."

-Carole Williams

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After thousands of coaching hours and hundreds of measurable results,
I created this tried-and-true framework:

5 Key Components to Develop and Retain Leaders

1. SET the foundation with a growth mindset and company culture.
2. SCHEDULE priorities and manage time commitments.
3. SPEAK effectively with authentic communication.
4. SOLVE challenges and resolve conflicts to focus on solutions.
5. SUPPORT professional development and career advancement.

Every session is focused toward achieving measurable results. 

We’ll work together to identify your goals, develop a customized plan, and track your progress.

Our time together is an investment in your leadership, equipping you with the guidance and support you need to address challenges, strengthen your team, and achieve your goals.

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